Australia Week I

In 1968 I discovered Australia at the tender age of 12.  Through the wonders of a fabulous 6th grade history teacher and the school library I vowed that when I grew up I would visit Australia.  Fast-forward to 2011 I am at week I of a 3 week trek in Australia.  The city of Ballarat is quaint, picturesque, and extremely relaxing.   I will take a few moments each day to share the experiences, the sights, the sounds, the people and the “brief” melt-down.  Exhaling is a good thing, until tomorrow – Emma E

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“Fit-To-Be-Fierce” Women of Color Health Conference

There are specific health conditions that are prevalent and serious for women of color. In 2010 Brighter Day Productions produced a Women of Color Health Conference to address the unique health concerns of women of color. The goal; celebrate women of color and provide accurate health information about the significance of preventive health care. Join us as we produce the 2nd Annual “Fit-To-Be-Fierce” Women of Color Health Conference on November 5, 2011. Register on-line at The conference is guaranteed to be high-energy with qualified presenters, exercise demonstrations, health screenings, and panel discussions on heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Brighter Day Productions is an agent of change and is bringing home to women of color the importance of maintaining their physical, mental and spiritual health.

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But For A Season

Today I woke with a song in my heart. These days it takes very little for me to be appreciative of my blessings. A cool breeze, a kind word, a dance tune with a really good beat. In the last few days I have spent time with friends who are celebrating life “in spite of.” I have learned on this journey through life what truly matters is the ability to simply recognize and celebrate the good in our circumstances. People enter our lives for a season and for a reason. Whether the season is a day, a week, a month, years, a moment or the briefest of time; the reason can make a lasting impact. I am thankful to those who shared a “season” with me.

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Sisters Celebrating Sisters

The gentleness and strength of a “sister” has always impressed me.  I was fortunate to view both at a recent health conference I produced.  Women from all walks of life and various ages arrived at the 1st Annual “Fit-To-Be-Fierce” Women of Color Health Conference to share and experience “gentleness and strength.”  Heaven only knows where it comes from, but for approximately eight hours we joined in, listened, and asked questions about “us.” About our physical, mental and spiritual health and for the most part all came to the same conclusion; we are certain that we are FIERCE and possess extraordinary powers!!  Not the kind of powers to leap tall buildings but the powers to provide comfort, strength, encouragement, and support to one another.  “Sisters Celebrating Sisters,” with no hidden agenda.
  • Dr. Eloise Skelton, (Pasadena, California) reminded us that we should cherish and protect our bodies like the “temple” it is. 
  • Dr. Soni Poonam, (Salt Lake City, Utah) reminded us that we must feed and nourish our minds to maintain and sustain a balanced and healthy mental life. 
  • Minister Violet Machado, (Saugerties, New York) reminded us that we are a “gift,” made in the image of our Creator and we are designed to celebrate who are meant to be.
  • Ms. Taedra J. Morris, (Atlanta, Georgia) author and motivational speaker brought it all home by reminding us that we must stop creating our own “hell” and live for the purpose and glory for which we were created. 

When we sit still to think about what each presenter shared with us at the conference; I am certain they were topics that we discussed before with our sister-friends.  However, if we do not apply and practice what we know it’s as if we “don’t” know.  The women who attended the conference provided feedback for future conferences which indicates there is a need in our Salt Lake City community to address our physical, mental and spiritual needs (PMS).  I’m game if you are. I plan to produce the 2nd Annual “Fit-To-Be-Fierce” Women of Color Health Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 5, 2011.  I am certain we can meet in one place, sit together, laugh, talk, cry, support, encourage, and gather strength from each other to move mountains, leap tall buildings, and start creating our own piece of heaven for ourselves and others until we are all called “home.”   See you and a friend in 2011.

Emma E

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Restoring Honor Rally – Washington, DC

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Second Around Time is Better

2006 was the first year I participated in the "Race for the Cure" in Salt Lake City and I vowed I would never do it again.  Well, never say never.  Five years later, and cancer free, I walked with a team I organized with family and friends and this time I "danced" across the finish line wearing Red 3 inch heels.  Yes, thank you Lord for the journey.  My first year I was excited about participating in everything; I signed up for cancer trials, I spoke at cancer events, I donated money to cancer fund raisers, I would talk about my cancer journey to anyone who would listen, I attended workshops, did TV and radio interviews, I told radiation secrets (Thermaplast Sunburn Spray is the key) and I loved being bald.  I was looking forward to participating in my first 5K Race for the Cure.  My first year participating in the race I told no one, not family, not friends, not colleagues; I simply registered for the event, went to the pre-celebrations and the day of the event I arrived at the race site early.  As other participants began gathering for the race there were emotions from one extreme to another.  Highs and lows and crying, crying, crying.  I kept thinking "this is way too emotional, it ain’t that serious,"  and I began distancing myself from the "emotinal ones." I began the walk alone although surrounded by thousands of people and thought nothing about each step I was making toward the finish line.  The finish line is where "it" happened.  The tears sprang from out of nowhere.  I walked under the pink and white balloon arch, crossed the finish line and realized I was blessed to be able to do so. 
Ok, flashforward to 2010 and five years later. 
My Team "Red Shoes, Purple Scarves & Chocolate Pudding," were the talk of the race; well at least I like to think we were. We sported purple team-shirts with a Red Shoe logo on the back proclaming "All A Survivor Needs Is—Red Shoes, Purple Scarves & Chocolate Pudding"—and I, as the Team Leader walked the entire 5K wearing not only 3 inch red heels but an attitude of gratitude.  With my daughters and girlfriends I cheered, I danced, I skipped, I took photos with SLC’s finest and crossed the finsih line with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  Stage III Breast Cancer is not something I would vote for but it is most definitely a journey which helped me put my life into perspective.  The small stuff really is small stuff.  So mark your 2011 calendars, you are invited to join Team "Red Shoes, Purple Scarves & Chocolate Pudding" for the 2011 Race for the Cure in Salt Lake City.  Get your red 3 inch heels ready, I will bring the purple scarves and chocolate pudding.  – – – Yes, never say never.
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